My Brother is the Rigger for Hogtied!

Lochai the New Guy on Hogtied!Congrats go to Lochai, my brother-in-arms, for his acquisition of the dream job: lead rigger & director at I would be jealous of him if I didn’t like him so damn much; as it is, I’m just really looking forward to seeing more of his work. Plus, maybe now I’ll finally get my interview with Peter Acworth for the Ropecast

The thing about Lochai is, he’s a natural-born perverted sadist. He doesn’t have to work at it – it just comes naturally to him, and that’s why he can seem like such a genuinely nice guy even as he’s causing beautiful people incredible pain. He is a genuinely nice guy…who also happens to get off on doing things like this. In the end, though, he ends up with this expression…and that’s why I admire him so.

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