Me & Scott Smith: Duelling Hams

“This class, Military Style Bondage, actually came out of a discussion amongst the presenters at Shibaricon a couple of years ago. We all agreed that one should be taught, but weren’t exactly sure who should teach it, as there were many people there who had been in the Service. We had a Navy Commander, an Air Force Colonel, an Army First Sergeant, and then me, a Marine Lance Corporal.

We agreed that as the highest ranking member of the military present, I should take care of it, so here I am…”

That was the intro to my class at Sinsations in Leather, and if you’ve been in the military, you’re chuckling, and if not…well, never mind. The powers-that-be decided to put my class not only at the same time as Scott Smith’s Interrogation class, but also right next door. I actually expected that no one would come to my class, because frankly, given the choice, I’d want to see what he had to say anyway.

But I had about 10 people in the classroom, and it was also a chance to use Rita Seagrave as my demo bunny again, so I went ahead with the class. I decided, in light of the class next door, to focus on prisoner handling and the psychology of overwhelming force with very little about interrogation and torture.

For example, it is certainly true that stripping a prisoner is a valid tactic, not only for your own safety but also to remove the “familiar” from them and reduce their perceived power. Popular knowledge has it that, in general, men should have their clothes removed forcefully (denying them any control) whereas women should be forced to take off their clothes by themselves, fostering a feeling of collusion and submission.

However, in the case of Rita, who teaches (among other things) Lapdance 101, letting her take off her own clothes would be far, far too empowering. Using the overwhelming force of Lee Harrington and B (thanks, guys) we had her naked on the floor in no time at all, and I added the improvised bit of removing her capacity for speech by gagging her with her own socks.

I also focused a bit on the “prisoner” side of things – talking about how a prisoner’s first duty is escape. Though she was a little slow to get the hint, being a very sweet submissive, Rita figured out what I was suggesting and wriggled out from under my boot and ran towards the door. Futzing with it for a moment (the doorknobs were difficult) she was just about out when my calm stride brought me up behind her…

The following was what I heard from Lochai, who attended Scott’s class:

“He had finished putting femcar into some pretty extreme situations, electrical devices and stuff, when the door started jiggling. He noticed it and walked over, waiting for it to open – and then it did, and a buck-naked Rita Seagrave burst through, wide-eyed and gagged, when suddenly a hand reached out, grabbed her by the hair, and yanked her back, slamming the door.

Scott gave a little shake to himself, as if wondering if he’d really just seen that…we were all just dying with laughter.”

Of course, Scott couldn’t let me interrupt his class like that without taking some action. So he walked into my class, holding a little silver box with a button on it. “Yeah,” he said, challenging. “But can you make yours scream from the next room?” He pushed the button, and a faint howl could be heard through the door as femcar reacted. Satisfied, Scott went back to his class and shut the door.

I could have let it go at that. I probably should have. But you see…one of the neat things about Rita is that she comes with accessories. Being deaf, she has high-tech hearing aids that serve both as stand-alone amplifiers and as receivers for the higher-tech bluetooth microphone transmitter that she usually wears (or, if you’re topping her, you wear around your neck). There are all sorts of ways this can be used to ramp up a scene, and she’s actually created a class about playing with the deaf, which starts out with: Make Sure The Deaf Person Wants To Play With This Stuff. Explicit consent is all the more important.

But I digress. I know that she does, in fact, like to play with that stuff, and so I asked her to give it to me, knowing the range of the mic. I left her in the classroom, walked over to Scott’s (he looked surprised to see me), and said “Well, yes, Scott, actually I can.” Lifting the transmitter to my mouth, I softly said, “Rita. Scream.”

A beautiful wail drifted through the door, and I nodded smugly to Scott, turned, and sauntered back to my class, to the satisfied laughter (and helpful boot) of Scott and his class.

There are times when it is very good to be the Gray…

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