Let’s talk about Hogties

My wife is especially enamored of the hogtie. A couple of weeks ago we were playing a bit more rough than usual (though nowhere near as rough as I play with the pretty woman next to me as I write this–yay, typing that got me a nibble!) and she mentioned how much she missed the hogtie, and how the way her muscles pulled back really felt great.

Take a look at the model in the center picture on this page. She’s laying almost completely flat, and while her hands and arms are bound back, I think there’s something missing from the "hogtie effect". Namely, the intense arching that is caused when you tighten the ropes:

Darling, over at Hogtied, was tied in a fun little scene with Cyd Black. The image to the left shows a bit of the fun, but really, it’s the closeups like this one and this one that give the full picture of the strain  and dedication required to hold this kind of pose. My wife tends to think of it as more of a yoga exercise, and loves what it does to her back.

While you’re at it, you might want to pay a visit to the Gallery where I’ve just uploaded 75 more pics of Sera, the professional submissive I tied in LA last month. As you’ll see from her expression, great fun was had by all:

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