Just some friendly rope to share…

N's delectable ass in rope tied by GraydancerThis morning I had the privilege of a visit from N, a bondage model who wanted an inverted suspension – not, as you might expect, for the kinky pleasure of it, but actually because it would stretch out her back. I put her in the most comfortable inverted harness I know – the famous “drum tie” harness, a modified swiss seat.

And yes, she did in fact need to be naked, why do you ask? We also took some time to check out the possible positive effects of my new electrosex toy from Extreme Restraints – we found that putting the pads on her inner thighs and lower buttocks didn’t do much for her back, but made other things very, very interesting. Speaking of ER, they are also giving me a suspension frame (spider-style) to bring with me to Shibaricon, so if you’ve ever wanted to try one out, let me know.

Enjoy the new gallery, and yes, I’m aware that I need a better camera – feel free to donate one!

Updates on travel, etc.: I am going to be presenting at TESFest the weekend of July 4th, and also will be attending Thunder in the Mountains July 25-27th (actually as a tourist, believe it or not!). If you’re going to be at either and would like to meet up, let me know!

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