I am an idiot

So, this great photographer, Mitchel Evans not only contributed a fantastic photo (and two more) to my Zen Bondage Garden, but he also appreciated my commentary on his photography so much that he sent me a large print of that very photo. It’s proudly displayed right now in my bedroom, soon to be moved to my studio.

And me, dork that I am, called him “Mitchell Gant” in one of my podcasts. Or in a post, not sure which. But when someone emailed me asking about it, and I realized my error…man, did I feel dumb.

Sorry about that, Mitchel. I will be sure to correct the error in this weeks podcast, as well as here.

Perhaps this is why I got the bad karma of being excluded from Melissa Gira‘s latest podcast, where she listed off a bunch of adult casts and…well, I wasn’t there. Not a bit.

I’m not hurt. Really.

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