How did I miss this?

I mean, I’m a faithful follower of Fleshbot, and an equally avid afficionado of Violet Blue; and yet some how I missed her Feb. 22 entry about Black Book Art. Bad Graydancer! You’ve obviously been distracted…oh, yes, that’s right, my girlfriend who broke up with me was having surgery that day and I was her glum-but-resolute chauffeur and support network.

Ok, it’s an excuse. But a valid one.

Speaking which, I was first introduced to Black Book Art via this great lady, who has a new book on sexuality out, designed to fill the gaps in our sadly negligent public education. And private, for that matter. But even though it’s a book for teens, and I’m hoping there aren’t any teens reading this (well, except one, and she’s a special case, and well into her majority) you should order a copy.

And then send her a donation, so that she can keep on doing the good work.

(I just realized that all of the links here are to works by incredibly ferocious, intelligent, and strong women (well, born that way, anyway, sorry, Lee) who are working to make the world better for my daughters. Can I just say how lucky I feel to have met them all and be able to support them?)

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