Hate to say I told you so…

I’m enjoying disabusing people of the idea that I’m a nice guy. It’s funny how even when you tell people that you’re a sadistic bastard, they don’t seem to believe you. Until after, of course. Favorite quotes of the evening:

"Hurry up and sign the waiver, M!"
"Eh, shut up!" room grows suddenly quiet. "Oh, shit. I just said that, didn’t I?"

later on:

"NOW what do you think of my poetry?"
"It’s fuckin’ great!" (It was, too. I rhymed "Graydancer" with "Unpantsed her.")

And, from the blog of JinxedKisses: "Wicked paddle!"

I’ll be writing more about the "apology" later.

Also, I’ve just confirmed that I will be presenting as part of Beyond Leather next April. Rooming with Lqqkout and Arkaea, even! Quelle joie!

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