GREAT times

When I came to the podcast expo, I did not think that I would be tying anyone up. However, I’ve actually been as busy with the rope here as I was at Folsom! There’s quite a contingent of Sexcasters here, and last night we had a wonderful meetup where we discussed issues about sex, indie media, censorship, and generally had a great connecting time. Lots of pix will be forthcoming, and a more complete list will be forthcoming, but the members of the roundtable included:

And afterwards I got to do a fetish shoot with Sera (a pro domme) and Twilight, which was a very good use of Monk’s rope. Lots of fantastic pix coming from that.

Now it’s a mad rush to pack and get to the Polyweekly/Ropecast meetup at Marie Callender’s this morning. And much, much more on the conference to be written about later…

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