UPDATE: Graydancer Teaching in MN 12-4-07


Everything else about the classes is the same, except it no longer conflicts with the local munch. Good things come to the absent-minded, it seems.

The Defining Moment: Getting What You Want Out of Kink

Ever gone to a workshop where you hoped to find something that would really turn you on…and didn’t? The Defining Moment is all about starting with what you really want out of kink, and then figuring out how to go out and get it. Whether you consider yourself an artist or sadist, a ropeslut, a painslut, or a damsel in distresstheres something in this workshop for you.

This class is a variation on the usual Rope 101-301 The approach is going to be a practical one. What do you want to DO? Rather than start with what you saw in a picture or book, lets focus on the results you want. Whether you want to tie for sex, for pretty, for pain, or some combination, the focus will be on how to DO what you want to do, using principles rather than this is a granny knot step-by-step processes. Its a hands-on, you DO it, class with plenty of participation, and demonstrations on a beautiful model. The skill level of this class is appropriate for anyone from the rank beginner (whats a knot) to Intermediate/advanced, because of its focus on practical skills and principles-based instruction. It will go up to, and demonstrate, semi-suspension work. Wear comfortable clothes, or none at all if the work calls for it. Just bring your own towels or blankets for sitting and play.

…and fresh from Kinky College:

Make it so! Techniques for quickroping

Some people like it slow and sensuous…but what if you’re racing a clock until the kids get home? What if you want to get the ropes done so that you can get on with the rest of your

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