Graydancer Joins Erotic Milwaukee!

Graydancer performing at the Miramar in 2006 with Model S

Graydancer performing at the Miramar in 2006 with Model S

Returning to the Miramar Theater, Graydancer is going to take part in “Foreplay Mondays” put on by Erotic Milwaukee:

Ooh la la! Monday, widely held as the worst day of the week, is about to get a rather risqué reputation, the sexiest day of the week. Starting this month the Miramar Theatre will feature Erotic Milwaukee every Monday night,

Also known as foreplay Mondays it’s an evening of erotic poetry and short stories blended into a Dominatrix show and pole dancing. Dim lights, ambient music and a multitude of seductive performances will take place throughout each reading before the floor is opened up for an audience discussion about relationships, sex and the art of foreplay to get your week started off right.

Guaranteed to draw the the sexiest and kinkiest couples and single Milwaukee have to offer. This will be an interesting event for couples or individuals looking for new ways or new people to help make winter a little bit easier.

Okay, maybe just a whole lot freakier.

Monday, March 9th Graydancer will be joined by Miss Behavin’ from Foxy Veronica’s Peach Pies for some hot ropin’ action on stage. If you are going to be there and have a request for a specific kind of bondage or tie, let me know – audience interaction is a big part of this whole shebang…

Ms. Behavin from Foxy Veronicas Peach Pies

Ms. Behavin' from Foxy Veronica's Peach Pies

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