Global Rope Month Week 3

Hello, everyone, Graydancer here as we begin week 3 of Global Rope Month. There have been over 46 pictures submitted for our gallery, and more are on the way. They range from the sublime — Merrick, Ropegeek, Libertung, I’m talking about you — to the ridiculous —that would be some my picture of the “domestic servant” — to the incredible, with Mick & Dee Luvbight setting what we believe is a world record suspension, using 6,055 feet of rope to create the “human ball of twine.” Some of our other prize donors, SheriFox and Foxy, also are contributing with a pretty neat 28-point suspension, complete with horses!
As of this announcement, we are officially at 12, 531 feet, with a couple of people — Lqqkout, Ralinad, I’m talking to you!— who have promised pics that haven’t arrived yet. This is quite a respectable amount of rope—but who are we kidding, folks? We’re shooting for 50,000 feet. And while I suspect Mick & Dee could do it by themselves, let’s get some other big names in there. What I’d really love to see is some of the folks who are getting ready for L’Erotica in Sydney send us some pics. The lineup of talent down there for the 25th is enough to make me drool, and if you, unlike me, have the ability to go down there and don’t, well, I hate you. It’s a sad thing, I know, and not very nice of me, but it’s the truth. I hate you.
You can check out what I’ll be missing at
So, last week’s theme was color, and our secret panel of judges had a VERY hard time picking between the submissions. There were a lot of beautiful ties, a lot of strange ties, and some that were funny—including one that had some colorful socks that sent a sock-fetishist friend of mine into paroxysms of lust.
I have to say I was actually very pleased that the two finalists were very artistic, and one is in fact the very first photos of that model ever to be on the web. The judges literally couldn’t make up their minds, and I did what any good leader would do—I passed the buck, calling up Monk and asking him which one he thought should win.
Monk, in his infinite generous wisdom, declared: “They’re both hot! It’s a tie! They both win!” See, that’s the kind of guy he is. He can cut through Gordian dilemmas like that and make everybody even happier than they were before. Guess that’s why he’s the brains of the family. I’ll just have to settle for the looks.
So, Merrick, and Crowcat, you both won—email me your addresses and we’ll get you those gift certificates to Twisted And everybody
If you’re upset about not getting anything, well, I’m happy to say that you’re wrong! First of all, you get the satisfaction of having participated. Not enough? Fine, then, I’m very happy to announce that the GloRoMo event has just been given 100 “GirlyCards” by Susie Bright—each one good for a one-month audible subscription via If you’re not aware of Susie Bright, sex performer, activist, and educator, she is a big part of the reason I podcast now—because her weekly show is just so damn good. And now I’m tickled pink to get to give away her shows to everyone who participates in GloRoMo. Email me at and tell me where you’d like your Girly card sent—I haven’t got them yet, but they’re coming.
Now, I suppose you’d like to know what the theme for the next week is? Judging from the number of emails I get saying “WHAT’S THE NEXT THEME!?!” you are. Keep in mind, each theme gets a full seven days before we judge, award the prize, and deliver the next theme. And for the next 7 days, the theme is: RAKE. No, that’s not some esoteric Asian knot that you don’t know about. It’s actually a bunch of little sticks arranged at the end of a big stick to gather leaves. So, going by GloRoMo rules, use your imagination, creativity, and as always, nudity is strongly encouraged! Remember, you don’t have to follow the theme, either—the whole idea is to tie LOTS of rope, in whatever way you like. And every submission gets you an entry in the raffle for the $100 gift certificate to You may be voted the People’s Choice and get the $50 gift certificate, or you may even win the raffle for one of the two gift certificates from NativeAmericanExotics. And you will definitely get a GirlyCard from Susie Bright with more fun things to listen to.
You can check out the GloRoMo Gallery at , just click on the GloRoMo logo there. Send your pics to, and if you feel like it, phone in your GloRoMo stories to our Ropecast Hotline at 206-666-KNOT.
Now get out there and ROPE!

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