Global Rope Month in the kitchen…

a domestic GloRoMo GoddessI think perhaps there may be some concept that in order to be a part of GloRoMo, one has to have some fantastic tie or suspension or somesuch. However, as I said in the beginning, GloRoMo is all about quantity, not quality. Plus, remember, you don’t have to do any special amount in order to qualify for any of the drawings or contests. So this little domestic goddess you see to your left, with a single 30′ chest harness, not only does her bit to encourage the total a little higher, but also gets just as much chance at the $100 gift certificate from Twisted Monk as the next guy.

So tie soon, tie often, tie much. Right now, we’re at 3982 feet. Impressive, but that’s less than 1000′ per day, and at that rate, we’ll never hit our goal. So get crackin’!

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