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Maybe you’ve been hiding under a rock and you haven’t heard, but beginning at 5pm PST today’s exquisite “Training of O” site (which has been the training ground for some of my favoritest people in the world) will be doing a free live broadcast.

The theme is the opening of the “Upper Floor”, a Victorian-style fantasy setup on the top level of the Armory, which Peter Acworth is turning into a mansion. Yes, that’s right, all of us presenters who keep on saying “No, sorry, that kind of world that Laura Antoniou writes about? False. Doesn’t really exist,” are going to have to eat our words.

And don’t think that Peter doesn’t know this – why else would he have as his first dinner guest the author of the Marketplace herself? Everyone can watch, but only paid members will get to actually interact via chat with the event on the site – so if you’ve been debating getting a membership, today would be a premium time to do so.

Two slaves will also be petitioning to be part of the 24/7 household, Satine Phoenix and Cherry Torn. Personally I’m rooting for Cherry, who I had the pleasure of tying up for some tutorials at the Twisted Factory a while back (that’s just a fun preview link; the rigging I did hasn’t been posted yet). Fun fact: Cherry’s street clothes are the most colorful and well-coordinated I’ve ever seen. She’s like a kinky character out of Willy Wonka’s factory. And when you think about it, what is Peter but a Kinky Wonka, and the Armory just a big perverted Wonkaland?


Sabrina Fox on the Training of O with James Mogul

Sabrina Fox on the Training of O with James Mogul

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