Fleshbot Reviews Japanese Love Rope

They beat me to it. I was going to be the one to review the laughable little packages with their anime-inspired kimino gals on the cover. I had half the snarky comments already written, before even opening the plastic to reveal the insipid candy-colored strands.

Then the fuckin’ Marital Aid Test Kitchen over at Fleshbot has to go and write not only a review, but a review that reveals that the damn product actually might NOT be the root of all evil that we rope folks thought it was.

“If I were to bring the purple ball gag or pink “silk” rope to Uber Ego or Kink.com, well, I can’t imagine the punishment I would have inflicted on my person for my lack of BDSM street cred.”

“Yet real people must use this sort of thing, because accompanying each product is an informative booklet that stresses safety, safewords, basic rope techniques, and toying with equilibrium.”

Bastards. Good thing Violet Blue is their friend, or I’d get all…nawashi on their ass…

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