Cupcakes for Sabrina Fox

Sabrina Fox's CupcakesWhile in Minneapolis for Mark Yu’s recent workshop, a friend of mine, L of the Bodacious Boobs, asked me to show her and her play partner W how to make her boobs stand out. While I was able to show her (and along the way give her a nice stretch of Twisted Monk 4mm hemp rope) Chanta’s recent “Fucked & Bound” gallery illustrates the technique even better.

A beautiful set of cupcakesIt’s not a difficult process – basically, take any standard box tie and then bring up two single tails of the 4mm and begin winding them around each breast, winding back towards the chest and keeping the line very, very tight. Tie it off with whatever works – in this case, with some center knotting.

As you’ll note in the gallery, there is some discoloration of the breasts as they are left in the bondage. To the best of my knowledge, this is something that almost always happens, and is not damaging to the breasts in any way. I could be wrong – Jay Wiseman may be rolling his eyes at my ignorance.

Lee Harrington's Shibari You Can UsePersonally, I don’t care for the look too much – it’s a modification of two of my favorite shapes that just doesn’t do anything for me. But if you’re looking for even more step-by-step instructions, I can also refer you to pages 73-77 of Lee Harrington‘s “Shibari You Can Use“, conveniently available in my Amazon store…

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