Choose Your Challenges Carefully

“Gonna read for a while?”

“Yeah, but I’m pretty tired.”

“OK…that’s fine. Just so you know, sometime I’d like to have one of those scenes…”

“One of…?”

“Yeah, you know, one of those scenes where you beat the crap out of me, step on my head, that kind of thing.”

“Um…I beat the crap out of you when we fucked just last night.”

“Yeah, but you didn’t step on my head?”

“Really? That’s what you need?”

“Yeah, but you can’t do that in bed, I know…”

“Who says?”

“Oh, come on…you know you can’t.”

(sounds of scuffle, a few grunts, some short, sharp screams and one very clear “OW!”)

“Now. What am I doing?”

(muffled voice) “Nur pulink nigh hurr!”

“Yes. I am pulling your hair. True. And?”

(silence, followed by a shifting of weight and a high-pitched wail)


pause “Nur steffink ahn nigh haidh! Mif bophe feed!”

“That’s right. Both feet. Now you know…just how easy I am to manipulate into doing exactly what you want.”

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