Chanta’s at it again…

If you haven’t heard, Chanta’s got a new site up, "Fucked and Bound." If you’re a fan of Hogtied or Sex & Submission (and really, who isn’t?) you’ll like her stuff–it’s just a little harder, just a little more raw.

My colleague-in-sexblogging Ropeguy (and damn him for getting that name first!) already has a sample gallery up, but in the interest of my own niche, I’m going to post a little example of some fine ropework.

That, and some just plain HOT ropework. Let’s face it, sometimes simpler is better.

If you’re a rope purist–i.e., you want rope but not sex–this is NOT the site for you. But I personally like the chemistry that often shows between the models and the riggers, and the video and pics are pretty damn well done.

thanks for the smut, Chanta!

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