7 Little Known Facts About Me

Well, much as I hate memes, The Snarling Misanthrope tagged me, and Unspeakable Axe picked up the gauntlet, and several other people I respect have picked it up, too, so fine, I’ll do it too.

  1. I have raised (sometimes on my own, sometimes with help) four daughters. Two identify as bisexual, one is definitely lesbian, and one identifies as straight but is only attracted to F-to-M transmen. As someone who has raised four girls attracted to bio-females, I either get honorary lesbian status or a toaster. Don’t really care which.
  2. There is a stain still on the staging area in front of the messhall at the USMC Recruit Training Depot in San Diego. It is from the vomitus I projectile vomited onto the back of the recruit in front of me after gorging myself on food. We’d just returned from two weeks infantry training in the hills, on MREs, and I went a little overboard. Never lost my bearing, though – stayed at attention through the whole thing. Pussy in front of me couldn’t handle it, though. I think he washed out, or became an office pogue, or something. Ooh-fuckin’-rah.
  3. My true passion is not rope – it is the Commedia d’ell Arte. This is why I cannot go to grad school. The only thing more useless than a degree in dance would be a degree in theatre history.
  4. I know the secret of how to find and get the hot bi babes. It’s simple: don’t care whether or not you’re getting the hot bi babes. Seriously, if you don’t really care one way or another,  it will get to the point where you can’t swing an unspeakable axe around without hitting one. Problem with knowing this gem? I don’t really care.
  5. I happen to think Keanu Reeves is a good actor. And a nice guy.
  6. My favorite books are not what you’d expect. The Book of the Dun Cow. Prince of Tides. Brothers.
  7. I am going to be rich. Having acquired the wealth of experience and excellent friends, it is now time to acquire the money. Then I hope to go on to acquire an abundance of free time. Then again, that might just require death, so I’ll do the money part first.

Rather than “tag” someone else, I’m simply going to mention seven people that I’d like to know more random facts about, and let them pick up the gauntlet if they want or not.

Those people would be:

  1. The Control Enthusiast
  2. Vincenza
  3. Miss C
  4. Lqqkout
  5. Sabrina Fox
  6. Lee Harrington
  7. Lochai

There’s lots more…but these are those who come immediately to mind, and who I can’t just hang out with and talk to any old time. My tribe is scattered – beloved, but scattered over the world.

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