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"I’m always sad at the end of long bondage shoots – even ones like these that aren’t my own – as I’m untying the ropes, cleaning them a bit, and placing them back into their bags. It seems like such a waste of sexual energy when used on someone that doesn’t appreciate both the beauty and the sensation of being in bondage, and cannot be released quickly enough. But it’s still good for me to flex my bondage muscles, and I can surely tell you that I’ve still got IT…"

Katja Minx

Just found her blog today, as a link off of the Bondage Blog, and I have to say her accounts of filming porn, the work of a natural dom making a living off of her true vocation, and just the general tone of her writing are vastly, vastly entertaining.

This is someone I would love to spend an evening in a sitting room with whiskey and slaves waiting on us as we chatted and laughed it up.

Then again, I did spend the last two hours reading "the Reunion," one of the Marketplace books. I might be biased.

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