The Most Important Thing At Shibaricon

Klawdya told the story better, but I’m going to paraphrase and attempt to catch some of the spirit of how she told it:

 So, I get up to the room about 1,2am, and Grace is pacing back and forth, back and forth. I ask her “What’s wrong, honey?”

She looks up at me with a concerned expression. “I think I may be in labor,” she says.

I calmly look at her and say “Now, now, the con has just started, maybe it’s false labor, maybe you just have an upset stomach…”

“No, you don’t understand,” she said. “I’ve already lost the mucous plug.”

I was taken aback. “Then…what are we doing here? Are there contractions?”

“Yes…” she said.

“About how far apart?”

“About…three minutes or so.”


And so, early in the morning of the first day of Shibaricon V, Ryatt Elijah, six pounds nine ounces, came into the world, becoming Shibaricon Staff Member #17.5.

Ryatt Elijah and Bria Grace

On a sobering note, there were some complications, and he’s been in NICU for a few days. Please send whatever well wishes, positive thoughts, prayers, or healing energies to mother and child. They are our family.

A lot of other things happened.

  • There was a wedding.
  • Another couple celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary, made the more special because he’s a veteran of the current war.
  • A ring ceremony was held, the rope equivalent of a collaring or a cap in the leather community, and Suzanne Sexy Sadist and Steve Morgan (aka Firefly) were honored by their peers.
  • JD of the Knotty Boys played with a g-string (ok, and 5 others, on stage).
  • Lots of naked people.
  • A bowsprit.
  • Proof that a sex swing from eXtreme Restraints is a really good suspension frame (and if you listen to the last podcast, there’s a special discount you can get).

Personally it was a little hard, I’ll be honest – but that’s no reflection on the event. Kudos to Diana and the rest of the Shibaricon team for pulling it together even bigger than before.

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