Damn, I Hang With Cool People

Even people I don’t know.

A while back, when Monk had put up one of his very cool videos, I read on his blog a kudo from a fan, Aitch. No problem with kudos, but the guy called audio podcasts “old and tired”, and I kind of took offense at that. Well, not really offense, but it played on some insecurities.

In talking to Monk about it, later, he reminded me that in audio, no one can see you perv. Well, they can hear you, but they don’t really have any way to object to what you’re doing, even if you’re doing it, because it comes down to free speech. So I took advantage of that and had a very fine, intimate interview with Vincenza.

And then, today, on the Ropecast page, I get this:

Did Graydancer just fondle breasts in response to my remark? (cue it up,roll tape) Yes, yes I believe he did. That ought to teach me a hard lesson; never insult the medium unless you want women to be fondled.

Love the Ropecast. I wouldn’t miss one. I meant to give kudos to Monk for the vloging, seeing how Breakfast at the Abby has fell by the wayside. Under threat of fondling, will promise to (n)ever do it again.

posted by: Aitch on Mon, 5/19 09:26 PM EDT

And it made my night. Because not only does he like the Ropecast, but he has a sense of humor (coincidence? I don’t think so!). So cheers to you, Aitch. Cheers to you.

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