Video Work

September 8, 2010

There was a time when I was as into video editing work as I am in rope. I cut my teeth on linear editing systems using betamax, and went through all the joy of Adobe Premiere and the Cube and the Sphere and then the hallelujah moment that was Final Cut Pro. Here are some examples of work over the years:

Other Weapons, Homage a Luisa Valenzuela: edited for Douglas Rosenberg, shown at Casa de Las Americanas, Havana, Cuba, November 14 2001.

Feminine Part 1, shot and edited by myself, was a video installation piece featured in several art shows in Madison, WI, including the IronWorks show in 2005 curated by Nicole Gruter. This is one part of the two channel piece, and features sex educator Heather Corinna.

Graydancer & CunningMinx at the Inferno, one of my first rope performances, edited by me and using the not-legal-at-all-please-don’t-tell soundtrack. This video has the honor of being BANNED on YouTube!

Leather & Lace Foot Fetish: Just fooling around, I shot and edited this foot fetish performance piece from a single-camera shoot at the performance. It features Mistress Jade and Evinxiamor.

Other examples of video work can be found at the Ropecast and on FetLife, using iMovie and a bit of creativity here and there with filters.

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