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March 12, 2013

Gray will be teaching a Cigar Play Class specially for the Madison Cigar, Boots, and Chocolate group on April 14, 2013!

GrayNaiiaCigarPlayCigars have a rich tradition in the leather community, and are packed full of history and ritual and a depth of sensation that makes them perfect for kinky play. Whether you’re into the fear of a cherry-red hot tip hovering near skin, or the literal breathless abandon of sharing a smokerise with your lover, Graydancer will help introduce and explore with you the lush experience of a good cigar scene. Learn both the safe and the spectacular tricks of good cigar topping as well as how to enjoy the service and submission that can be found in a nice tight ash. This hands-on class focuses on experiencing the play part of cigar play, and leaves the esoteric labels to the google-fu of the participants. It will be clothing-mostly-optional and it is recommended that you bring a blanket/mat for some aspects of the play. A cigar will be provided as well as other partnered libations, and you can purchase additional cigars/beverages from the venue!

This event is unfortunately 21+ due to the venue. If there is interest, at a future time Gray will be glad to offer an additional class at an 18+ venue.

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