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July 20, 2009

After many months of work and years of procrastination, I am happy to announce that my second novel, Jujun, has been completely translated into audiobook form, top to bottom. And there’s a lot of bottoming in it – if you’ve read my first, the good news is that there will be a lot of familiar faces in this one. The bad news is, pretty awful things happen to them. It’s a much darker world, the world of the Jujun (Japanese for “one who submits”) and so brace yourself.

The print version of the book will be available starting August 15th, and it’s in “Omnibus” format – that is, you get an expanded version of Nawashi (yes, with new content unavailable anywhere else) as well as the complete Jujun, the finale to the tale of Brian, Sally, Bec, and the other sex mages. By pre-ordering you also get free shipping AND a PDF emailed to you right now, before publication.

Order JUJUN omnibus now:

Inside the U.S.

Coming from outside the U.S.? I’m afraid I have to tack on shipping, so it’s going to be $25:

International Priority Mail

I’d like to thank Traeonna Waggoner, Steve Eley, and especially Evo Terra of Podiobooks for help getting the project off the ground. I’d like to thank you for motivating me to finish it – and I’d like to start asking you to spread the word. What you see below is a big “showcase player” that will play the whole frikkin’ novel – but of course, most people are going to want to listen to it episodically. There’s handy “subscribe” buttons in the player, or you can just grab the RSS feed or other subscription method on the site.

However, there is more coming, and I’d like some help spreading the word about Jujun. There’s a way you can embed the Jujun player in your own website, too, by clicking the “embed” code. You can grab the preview image, right there on the left, and put it on your site (hopefully linking to the Podiobooks site). And if you’re a fan, write a review, if you can, and let other people see it. Word of mouth is starting, and there will be incentives coming…

Most of all, though, I hope you enjoy this return to the world of Nawashi, and the ongoing struggle for sexual freedom that is all-too-close to the world we live in now.

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