Lost Episodes, SUDO-Kink, and a Hard Question

Gray starts out by revealing the secret location of the “lost episodes” of the Ropecast: http://ropecastarchive.graydancer.com

Then things get serious when he answers a question put to him at the Philly GRUE: “How would you respond to a false accusation of consent violation?

He talks about the advantages a kinkster can have using the SUDO app (iPhone only, sorry) to create identities that don’t make you vulnerable. You can even tell him what you think at kinksexculture@sudomail.com !

Finally he lightens things up with the song that he sang during the Mythchievous performance at Fusion 2017. You can get the track in MP3 playable version at http://patreon.com/graydancer by pledging $1 or more towards the support of this podcast.

This podcast is also supported by

* http://TwistedMonk.com

* http://LeeAllure.com

…and we are, as always, very grateful for their support.

New Episode of Graydancer’s Podcast about Kink, Sex, & Culture

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