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November 25, 2014

One-on-one Learning with Graydancer

“What did I like about the private session? Getting exactly what I wanted & asked for: help and advice on the practical details of rope suspension. Plus, just hanging out with Gray.” – Wryguy, Calgary AB

While group classes are a great way to learn, there’s nothing better than a one-on-one class focused on the things you want to learn. It’s the way I’ve learned the most, studying with people such as Vera, Max, Otonawa, Lee Harrington and others over the years. If you are looking to really up your skills, it’s possible I can help. I will ask you, before the session, for a clear idea of what you’re looking for, and if I don’t think I can offer you something valuable to take away from the class, I will politely decline. And then I’ll help you find a person who can help you get what you want out of kink.

Then again, I have experience with a few things that might interest you:

  • Rope Bondage: From the basics of rope connection for couples to more complex suspensions, the benefit of a private class is that it will be tailored to what you want to get out of your rope. Are you looking for hot and sexy? Slow and sensual? Rough? Artistic? I will work with you and your partner to help you both further your own appreciation of the experience of tying together.
  • Cigar Play: I have had the pleasure of introducing many people to the ritual, sensation, and power of erotic cigar play. I can help you create your own preferred cigar service and help you explore the various methods of cigar play that will bring you and your partner the most out of the “dance of smoke and ash.”
  • Power Exchange Relationships: I’ve been researching, teaching, and practicing dominance and submission for over a decade. My slave Naiia and I have been through a lot of challenges on our way to our current Master/slave relationship, and we can share our experiences and methods with you and yours. We specialize in creative protocol development, sustaining and developing relationships over long distance, and “domestic” style service. Every relationship is unique, and we would love to help yours grow stronger, hotter, and more fulfilling.

 Small-Group Intensives

Graydancer can offer intensive weekends for D/s Power Exchange, Rope Bondage, and other subjects.

Naiia during suspension demonstration at Iowa Rope Intensive

“Watching your interactions with naiia all weekend…hawt! It gave my partner some fabulous new ideas that we got to try immediately.” – Iowa Rope Intensive Attendee

“The classes were so insightful and introspective. My head is swimming with reflection, plans, thoughts, memories. Thank you for sharing your personal journey. Most kink events are either about just play or play/education. This was all about personal growth and growth/reconnecting with partner(s)…This was the best kink event I’ve ever attended.” – NLA-Utah D/s Intensive Attendee

love teaching intensive weekends. It provides an opportunity to not only teach skills and concepts but really engage with the attendees. Eating meals, relaxing between classes, enjoying intimate play parties of just the people together…it creates a learning environment that is remarkably effective for growth on a personal and relationship level.

Most of my weekend intensives are co-taught with someone on the “other side” such as my partner Naiia, who is an experienced rope bottom and submissive who “switches” and can address that particular role as well. This means that there are collaborative and specialized classes available to address specific ideas and issues. I’ve found that the opportunity to work both apart and together helps make the weekends more valuable for all.

Currently I offer two “standard” intensives, but if you would like a custom-made experience based around my classes feel free to contact me directly. I would be glad to tailor an intensive to the needs of your group.

  • Power Exchange Intensive: This intensive is designed for people either currently in or looking for a dominant/submissive, master/slave, or similar relationship. The goal is to come out of the weekend with clear ideas and tools for developing your own relationship in a power exchange dynamic. Focused classes such as rough body play, cigar service, or leather history are available as well as more general classes such as:
    • The Dominant Body
    • Creative Protocol Design
    • Long-distance D/s (co-presented with Naiia)
    • Anticipatory service (Naiia)
    • Negotiation & Headspace (Naiia)
    • “Fishbowl” Discussion Facilitation (co-facilitated)
  • Rope Bondage Intensive: While I teach on a wide variety of subjects, my kinky roots go back to rope bondage. I started learning Western Fusion style but have also studied with Japanese teachers such as Otonawa and Kazami Ranki. Their styles influence my rope without limiting it to a specific form or school. I believe that the first and last part of rope needs to be the connection between the tier and the tied, and all of my classes speak to that. I also firmly believe that rope is a collaborative journey and all classes are designed to be valuable to both bottoms and tops. While I do not teach self-suspension classes, I have often co-taught with people experienced in that form of bondage, and if your group would like that skill addressed I can readily recommend or accompany someone who teaches that style. Other topics available include (but are not limited to):
    • Fundamentals of Rope Connection
    • Basic and Intermediate Suspension
    • Tie ‘Em Up & Fuck ‘Em: Bondage for Sex
    • Hogtie Variations
    • Military Style Bondage
    • Fetish Performance Techniques

“Your presence was entertaining, calming, knowledgeable, steadfast, and fantastic to be in the midst of. Thanks for joining us down here in I’way.” – Iowa Rope Intensive Attendee

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