Protocols for Power Exchange

An exploration into what makes protocols work in power exchange relationships, and how to make them better, stronger, and sexier. Full show notes available at Graydancer’s blog . This show was brought to you by: * * Please visit their sites and thank them for supporting this podcast! New Episode of Graydancer’s[…]

Honey Bare talks with Graydancer about kink, sex, and culture

Interview with Honey Bare

Fresh from the Pittsburgh GRUE, Gray talks with Honey Bare about her experiences in rope, in power exchange, and in interesting gender issues. This podcast is brought to you by the sponsorship of three great groups:, with original Japanese bondage videos for entertainment and instruction, creator of amazing hand-dyed hemp rope and other[…]

Interview with Parker Ropeboi

Parker Ropeboi has been teaching kink for over a decade, and follows up our crypto-kink podcast with a conversation about how other toys like stun guns or batons might be illegal. She also discusses her passion for self-suspension and the classes she’s looking forward to producing for ROPECRAFT. This podcast is made possible by[…]

Info Security for Kinksters, Part 1

Johnny Tornado is an Information Security specialist by day, and he shares his views on the current risks involved in being a kinkster with a computer and a cel phone. This podcast is made possible by . You should let them know you appreciate their support of this podcast by buying their stuff. This is[…]