This was initially going to be a post where once again I lampoon the ridiculousness of “I don’t do rope; it takes too long.” This comes from viewing the video of the most recent sale item at Extreme Restraints, namely the “Bon 4 Chastity Device.” Don’t get me wrong; I am a longtime affiliate of Extreme Restraints (say, why not buy something?) but this particular device seems…well, I’ve assembled bicycles easier than this:

At the same time, I have to remember: I’m not big into CBT. That’s Cock and Ball Torture, by the way, not Curriculum-Based Training. Chastity…I just don’t get it. I don’t judge, and I’ve heard many fun tales from dommes like Rita Seagrave about the fun of devices just like this…but really. It seems that it could be a little less complicated, doesn’t it?

So I decided to show just how much easier a rope CBT harness would be. Strangely, I couldn’t find any how-to videos on doing even a simple CBT harness (cue the avid readers who will shower me with the links to such videos in the comments section). However, I confess I didn’t actually look all that hard, because I was almost immediately distracted by the Dia Zerva/Jack Hammer shoot on Divine Bitches, which includes this particular shot:

It doesn't get any steampunkier than this...

(click on the picture for more hotness from Dia & Jack in a free pic & video gallery)

Now, there’s a lot of reasons to like this whole shoot, not the least of which is that the guy has a “RONIN” tattoo (I don’t know if he, like me, is a “Ronin of Luv,” but props for the identity). Nor am I saying that this is particularly easy to tie – there’s no real complex knotwork, but the entire concept requires a level of thinking-outside-the-box that’s astounding.

I mean, this picture should get some kind of award for “Most Innovative Use of the Lew Rubens Suspension Ring.” I often joke, when I pull my brass ring out of my bag, that it’s my cock ring…but in this case it’s true. It’s the kind of thing I’d expect from Van Darkholme from Bound Gods – but that’s my innate sexism showing (who better to bind a cock than a leatherman?). Turns out the piece was rigged by the incredibly talented Fivestar (who keeps popping up in my life as a ropey inspiration) from a concept by Divine Bitch’s own Maitresse Madeleine.

There’s more of it in the accompanying video in the gallery, and certainly more if you join the site itself. (incidentally, is offering a promo to anyone who joins by July 7 – you get your second month free of charge.)

I guess the lesson I learned from this is not “Rope is so much easier!” but rather “To each their own.” Me, I don’t like the idea of looking like Tron Porn, especially when it’s keeping me from feeling…expansive. And I really love the sexy steampunk aesthetic that the ring-and-rope gives to this particular CBT (though those clamps are certainly an added bonus).

But that’s just me. I guess maybe the moral when it comes to CBT is actually

“The harder, the better.”

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