The First Entry to the Michigan Bestiary

Did you hear? The new theme for the final Twisted Monk/Ropecast Giveaway is “a Michigan Bestiary” – so named because of the plethora of wolverines, lions, bears, and Oh MY! filling that area of the U.S. Here is the very first entry, aptly sent in by the organizer of the Boston GRUE: ropeboi.

Puck Seeks Oberon: A Personal Advertisement

Merry wanderer of the night seeks to serve Fairy King.

I am offering to be your messenger, your subject, your servant, your
mad spirit, your beast, your gentle Puck.

I offer to do your bidding and sing your praises. To play a part in
your powerful machinations. To jest and to make you smile. To mix your
potions and fetch you flowers. To hunt your mortal prey for you. To go
swifter than the wind. To spill fresh blood dear. To be enthralled by
you and become enchanted through you.

I’ll follow you, I’ll lead you about a round,
Through bog, through bush, through brake, through brier:
Sometime a horse I’ll be, sometime a hound,
A hog, a headless bear, sometime a fire;
And neigh, and bark, and grunt, and roar, and burn,
Like horse, hound, hog, bear, fire, at every turn.

Let’s rain monstrous pleasures down on this haunted grove.

Oh, my, indeed. Methinks Vague may have a competitor in the realm of ropey prose. Send in your entries to win the final $50 gift certificate to be awarded at the upcoming Detroit GRUE.Poetry, prose, or pics of pretties, the idea is to be CREATIVE!

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