Ropes in Space

One of my favorite columnists EVAH, Regina Lynn, has an interesting column in the recent WIRED. It deals with the fact that we, as a culture, kind of need to Grow the Fuck Up (where are my GTFU t-shirts, anyway?) if we have any hope of extended space exploration.

She’s got an interesting idea: plunge them into the internet for a year, let them experience the wide range of sexual exploration:

They don’t have to have cybersex or fall in love, but they should participate in different types of adult communities until they become comfortable with the wide range of human sexual relationships. I’m sure I’m not the only one who would gladly volunteer to show astronauts the ropes.

And yes, I did choose that quote because she said "ropes". Heh heh.

But it has been seriously posited that the problem of Mass vs Weight in terms of sex in space could be solved with a conveniently placed rope here and there. I think there’s even a book written about it.

But, Miss Lynn, if you really want to show them the ropes, you should probably learn from the experts…and I can think of a few who might want to step up to the task. Just drop me a line…


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