Not Above the Waist!

I’ve already begun to get some notices from people questioning my placement of the electrodes on Arielle’s breasts during the last Ropecast review of the Deluxe Digital Power Box from Extreme Restraints. Allow me to address this issue here, before it gets out of hand:

Everybody says no E-Stim above the waist!

Actually, they say “not recommended” and “general guidelines” and the like. It is true, there is some risk of putting any kind of electricity in the area of the heart – especially in the case of pacemakers. I am not advocating the use of e-stim of any kind above the waist.

Then why did you do it, Graydancer?

Well, in researching for different ways to use it, I went to a lot of different places – and one of them was’s Wired Pussy. The people that work there are very concerned with the safety and health of their models, and I mirrored the placement of the pads in several cases with photo shoots, including the ones on the breasts.

But those are healthy, strong, young fetish models! Most people can’t do the things they do!

True, very true. However, Arielle is a young, healthy, strong dancer, and as such I determined that the risk, such as there was, was minimal. In other words, this was a “risk-aware consensual kink”, and should not be used as a suggestion for play. Make your own educated decisions based on your own situation.

Kind of like Sir C is fond of saying, “She didn’t die. The scene was a success.” View the MPEG to see the technique in action.

Claire Adams does Jade Indica

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