A Classic Inversion at an Evening of Perversion

Joanna InvertedAt a recent Sabbat de Sade (not the last one, the time before) I got to put Joanna, a lovely rope enthusiast (and big fan of the Burlesque) into a couple of suspensions. This one is the inversion, and there’s several in the gallery, courtesy of the fine photographic eye of Charles (the man also responsible for capturing the Smile).

Joanna is an interesting person to play with – notice I didn’t call her a “ropeslut”? While I’m fairly certain she does derive physical pleasure from the ropes, what we have is more of a collaboration than a scene. There’s not an intimate power exchange, but rather a calm joining of wills to accomplish a piece of kinetic art with fiber and flesh. Even with nothing on but a few pieces of electrical tape and a thong, she has a quiet dignity as the ropes are laid in her. When she goes up, she goes somewhere I can’t follow – my job at that point is just to be there when she gets back and get her down safely.

It’s a different kind of rope dynamic. Try it sometime; I can’t say that I would be happy if I never got the kinds of rough-and-tumble sweaty desire and dominance expressed that I get with the Ropesluts, but there is a place for quiet art, as well, in this world of rope.

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