Mad Wicked Lines

December 7, 2018

“It’s like Dr. Sketchy’s, but with more naked and less drunk.”

Are you an artist? Do you just like drawing? Frustrated with trying to add rope or leather or ball gags to “traditional” figure models?

Madison Wicked Lines was created for you.

This event started at the hallowed Wicked Grounds in San Francisco. Figure models will pose in various kinky scenarios in a well-lit and friendly environment for attendees to sketch. Poses will range from 20 minutes to 2-minute “gesture speed rounds”.

This is not a play party, but the model(s) may choose to explore their own kink within the scope of the still-life poses. At the end of the evening, the model will pick out their favorite sketch and the talented artist goes home with a prize, as well as free admission to next month’s event!

It is free to Freyja “monthly” members, and $10 for everyone else. The money goes to pay our models $25 for their hour of modeling, plus space rental and a few “loaner” materials for event attendees. Prizes are donated, and if you’re interested in sponsoring one of the event nights or donating prizes for artists, then we’d love to hear from you!

What If I Want to Model?

Here’s the gist:

We ask that you arrive 15 minutes before your “hour” (so either 6:45or 8:00pm). The schedule of poses is usually something like this (for each model):

  • 5 minutes: Intro and setup
  • 10 minutes: Five 2-minute poses to get people warmed up.
  • 5 minute break/reset
  • 20 minutes: Two 10-minute poses (short break in between)
  • 5 minute break/reset
  • 20 minutes: One pose
  • 5 minutes: review, thanks, and selecting your favorite sketch.

If the model has different preference for length of poses they can choose them, and some are open for artists to request longer/shorter segments.

What Kinds of Kinks Are You Talking About?

It’s up to the model what kind of “kink” is portrayed in the pose, as well as how that is expressed. Along with looking for a variety of body types and kinks we are intentionally inclusive and non-heteronormative. The only thing we ask, as this is a figure drawing session, is that for most of the poses the model’s body be clearly visible (which can be nude, but could also be tight-fitting clothing that still shows the body’s shape).

The model is responsible for their own expression of the kink – if someone chooses bondage, for example, they will be expected to self-tie or bring their own rigger with them. It’s usually a good idea to figure out some idea of your poses in advance, and you’re welcome to pose with your partner if you so choose (at this point, though, we are only able to pay for one model per hour). You can also choose to just have someone there as a “support person”.

Ideally the kink should be something that can be “frozen” – so if it’s spanking, you’re welcome to have someone spank you in advance so your cheeks are rosy, but they can’t be spanking you during the pose periods.

If you plan to use some kind of furniture – cross, bench, frame, there is a lot available at the Freyja Project – please let us know in advance. Right now the plan is to use the main space with you posing in the center, but if we need to change it we can.

While it is preferred if at some point the model’s body is mostly nude – the purpose of figure drawing is to draw bodies, rather than clothes and such – the degree of nudity is entirely within the model’s control. In addition, the model can choose to grant or withhold permission for the artist to post their drawings to the web or social media. If an artist cannot agree to this level of consent, they should not be at Mad Wicked Lines.

Naiia is our “Mistress of Clocks” both keeping time and supporting the model in whatever they need.

Other stuff:

Photography is not allowed at the event except for rare occasions for publicity and only under direct permission , but the model can choose to negotiate with individual artists as to pictures of their work, as well as where it can be posted. We understand that their sketches are their property, and technically they have the right to post it anywhere they like. The model, however, has the right to tell them whether or not they can identify you in any way in that post.