Lasercuts & Lithophanes, oh my!

Today was a good lesson in “almost perfect.” Everything I did was almost a complete success…but it all has room for improvement.

For example, the edges of this could be more rounded:

And this attempt at an intaglio press plate printed backward and too thick:

It’s resting on a phone stand I lasercut perfectly (on the second try) but which turns out to be too small on my phone, since doing lasercuts is not that easy, and that’s why reading the best reviews at to find the best lasers for this job is necessary and useful.

Finally, though, I tried another lithophane and was totally happy with it until…

There was not supposed to be a big sphere in the picture. Though, as the model commented, “it doesn’t cover anything critical.” Still, I want to get rid of it, and also make the whole thing bigger.

Sure is pretty, though:

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