The Magic Money Tree

From a commenter from Fetlife on my “How to (Almost) Not Go Broke as a Kink Presenter as a Kink Presenter “: Unfortunately, there is no magic money tree for kink conventions (or no one is sharing it), so organizers constantly have to (or at least should attempt to) balance accessibility, costs, and fair compensation. This creates a system[…]

How to (Almost) Not Go Broke As a Kink Presenter

In light of a recent fetlife writing about how presenters need to raise the bar of professionalism, I decided to finally flesh out this writing. It is based on a private email I wrote to a friend who asked me for some advice on how to not go broke as he presented to more events.[…]

My Personal Concerns About Shibaricon

There have been an overwhelming number of people and organizations demanding to know the identity of a presenter referenced in the writing “Shibaricon Concerns.” This is somewhat frustrating, something akin to saying “The house is on fire!” and having people focus on knowing the exact color of the flame. At the same time, I have been[…]

Shibaricon Concerns

*A Collaborative Statement* We, the undersigned, have all been involved in the production of Shibaricon in past years. Whether instructing, attending, volunteering, sponsoring, or staffing, we have enjoyed and supported the efforts towards creating a safe learning environment and community space for rope enthusiasts. There have been growing concerns over the years regarding several aspects[…]

Coming soon to a Cable Channel Near You…

I made some references a while back to some “shooting” and “filming” I was doing in Baltimore. At the time I was prohibited from talking about what I was doing, but with the release of the following “teaser” video, it can be revealed: I wasn’t shooting so much as being shot by a documentary team[…]