3 Things Tops Should Stop Doing in 2019

Gray launches the first podcast of the year with three things that tops (and anyone else who cares to) should stop doing in 2019. Then he reads a blog post published on http://TantusInc.com about dominance for the changing body.

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New Episode of Graydancer’s Podcast about Kink, Sex, & Culture

One thought on “3 Things Tops Should Stop Doing in 2019

  • Hi Gray,
    Thank you so much for sharing your article that appeared on Tantus. I really loved the article. From a submissive perspective, I feel that it is so very important for bottoms to realize that your top, regardless of gender or age is innately human. I feel like sometimes submissives put their top on this white horse pedestal…I’m not really sure if it is something inherent with some peoples subspace but I know that I have to be very mindful of this myself. The fact is though that viewing anyone in this way is unrealistic and can honestly be pretty shaming and damaging to a top when they inevitably can’t live up to those godlike qualities their bottoms and culture at large has set for them.
    Thank you for being brave and vulnerable-it’s very inspiring. So are your #yelfies so please keep them coming <3 (#notbiased)

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