KUMIR, Chapter 18: The Mouth of the Messenger

“She has what?” Michael shouted into Jane’s face. Theo stood next to the desk looking worriedly at his brother while BeeCee lurked behind his boss glaring at her. His forehead was still bandaged where her whip had marked him. In the corner of the office Tony lay in a pool of his own blood. He[…]

KUMIR, Chapter 17: INTERLUDE: Rollerskating with Buffalo

“Patrick?” “Yo, Jason. What’s shakin’, mon frere.?” “I’m still on the trail of the damned thing. There’s been a complication, though.” “So I heard. A complication named Jane. If even half the rumors are true, she’s quite a handful. You think she’s hunting it too?” “Not sure. Maybe. Could be she’s just trying to make[…]

Kumir, Chapter 12: (part the second) The Duel

Georgia swallowed in between gasps, and found her voice. “Yes, mistress, oh, yes, everything – anything – oh, mistress.” Her eyes were wide and shining with tears that ran down her cheeks. Jane smiled , eyes hard. “Know what I love, Georgia? I love tits. You, Georgia, have magnificent tits.  Luscious tits, in fact, they[…]