The Numbers of Kink

You may have heard: recently I joined the staff of the Kink Academy (affiliate link) as their “Editor Extraordinaire”. I get to get my hands dirty with video again, creating short segments of the best sex educators around sharing their stuff. Yesterday I edited a piece on eye contact for intimacy, a piece on warming[…]

Discovering New Limits at Midori’s Rope Dojo

I’m going to be processing the experience of Midori’s Rope Dojo for quite some time – pages of notes in my moleskine, variations on ties I’ve been using for years as well as new ties I’ve never thought of uses for (dildo harness, here we cum…). There was also the transcendent beauty and power of[…]

The Most Controversial Post EVER!!

Note: this post has been edited from its original content. I made two errors, in saying that Mistress Matisse had said that the choking techniques required “years” of training, and second in incorrectly using the word “alarmist.” Both have been edited, and I apologize for the sloppy fact-checking. Of all the various tropes and myriad[…]

A Smorgasbord of Smut for Your Senses

Not a lot of high-falutin’ philosophy this time around, but rather, a selection of music, video, and image to delight your kinky senses. Step right up, gentlemen make way for the ladies*, all for the cost of a click (or a donation, as you’ll see there on your right) you too can revel in the[…]

Graydancer’s Guide for the Female Rigger

Recently there has been some interest in the concept of female riggers. I applaud this interest; I confess to taking some pride in encouraging and promoting several of them myself. The common question seems to be “What is different about the experience for women rigging than for men?” It is indeed a very good question,[…]